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Large and heavy Helmet FANG
in polychrome w/white Kaolin, 61 cm.
Gabon Class 1 antique. Ex. Coll. FHB.


The oldest pieces of art be found here of Oriental and African master-pieces from Benin, Ife, Nok, Kota, Fang, the Ivory Coast etc... The Shang, Han, Tang, Ming porcelain, bronze, jade, Siam, Khmer, India, Japanese Netzuke, snuff-bottles etc..., Dông-Son, Ban-Chiang cultures from 5000 to 7000 BC.

Mr. Nguyên as an official expert and specialist, has assembled private and corporate collections, including collection for heads of the Ivory Coast, Félix Houphouet Boigny.

Museum shop: Genuine objects d'art with raisonables AMA prices for collectors and antique dealers.

To the readers of Cultura catalogue and visitors, Mr. Nguyên gives the following valuable advice: "A collection is not improvidea, the specialist and expert is available to counsel collectors and readers".


Important Leopard
Aquamanile Benin

in bronze H 71x67 cm,
Period XIV-XVth.c. Ex. Coll. FHB

Rare Pré-Khmer Bust
in green stone, H 24 cm.
Angkor-Vat, VI - VIII th. c.


Large Jars polychrome IMARI
porcelain w/Charles Boulle Nap. III stands,
H 70cm. Japan Meiji period.




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